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Coming off of a strong year of huge projects including a solo show in Berlin and mural projects spanning the globe from Miami, to Chennai India and numerous points in between, LOOK appears to be attacking the art world with both eyes wide open.

As one of the founding members of Peachbeach (a successful design firm with partner and VantagePoint episode 001 guest artist Vidam) and an original member of the highly respected Weird Crew, Look appears to have no problem keeping himself busy… real busy.  Known primarily for his character based murals and other worldly acrylic paintings, his work is unmistakable.  The can control and color usage seen in his murals allude to years and years of graffiti and bombing but his linework and subject matter are much more sophisticated and seem to take their inspiration from sic-fi films and psychedelic rock posters.  With so many different influences and projects going on it was impossible to jam it all into one hour but we did our best and jumped at the chance to visit him in his Berlin studio for a chat with VantagePoint.