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As an artist grows and progresses though their career they constantly search for new ways to break the rules and make discoveries.  Italian artists Moneyless has made a name for himself doing exactly that.  As a teenager growing up in Milan he hit the streets with the rest of his friends writing his name and studying graffiti culture.  Soon enough however, his focus shifted from doing what everyone else was doing to finding his own path.  Flat letters trapped inside a wall gave way to experimental sight-specific sculptures and makeshift tools which allowed him to create work unlike anyone else.  Through experimentation discoveries are born, and eventually Moneyless had created a voice and a vision all of his own.   Regarded now as one of the leading and most prolific abstract street artists in the game, his walls and canvasses are immediately recognizable by the his trademark repeating circle pattern. But in an ever-growing field of talented artists hitting the streets more and more every day, Moneyless continues to evolve and change, looking for new ways to stand out in the crowd.