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Like most young german boys growing up in the 80s and 90s, DXTR got started writing graffiti at a very early age in his small hometown in central Germany.  This passion for color and creation led him to study fine art and classical painting, but it was his skill and attraction to contemporary graphic design that would eventually draw him into a life as a full time artist.  Eventually DXTR came back strong into the graffiti and street art scene, this time with more of a designer’s aesthetic and a concentration on characters.  As was one of the founding members of the hugely respected The Weird along side artist such as Nychos, Herr Von Bias, and past VantagePoint guests Vidam, Look, and the Low Bros, DXTR now balances his time between his own successful one man design firm, studio work, and a steady output of murals many of which are collaborative efforts with his fellow The Weird members and other leading painters in the scene.

As he puts down the final touches on a new body of work for the upcoming The Weird exhibition in New York, we sit down with DXTR in his Berlin studio to hear about it all straight from the man himself.