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Our goal here at VantagePoint, above everything else, is to create a window with each episode into the mind of our guest artist and give our listeners a greater understanding of what makes them tick… to somehow bridge the gap between the visual work we see from an artist, and the mind that created that work… Well this week ladies and gentlemen, we strapped in tight, closed our eyes, and jump with both feet into the wild mind of Dave the Chimp.

Originally from an undisclosed village in Britain, skateboarding was the Chimps first love and the vehicle that would eventually lead him to becoming an active participant in London’s street art scene.  His unique brand of “cartoon-ish” imagery and social satire takes many different forms and continues to expand.  Dave likes to keep busy and has his fingers in many different pies.  He’s constantly creating work in just about every type of art making process one can think of and has collaborated with an impressively long list of artists including his fellow Visual Rockstars counterpart Flying Fortress.

To even scratch the surface of everything this guy is involved in we would have needed way more than a one hour show, but here it is anyway, a chaotic and hyperactive ride through the world of Dave the Chimp.