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Around the globe he’s known as JAZ but to his friends and family in his native Argentina his name is Franco.  Regardless of what you might know him by, there’s a good chance that some of his work has popped up on a wall in your city at some point in the last few years.

JAZ is one of the most sought after names in the urban contemporary art scene these days and he seems to be on the line up for just about every street art festival, of which there are many.  He rides the mural circuit like a rock start on tour, leaving his home for months at a time flying from city to city leaving his mark wherever he lands.  When you meet him, it’s no wonder why he is so popular.  His work is powerful, original, creative, deep, symbolic and gives the viewer a strong sense of Franco’s culture and his Buenos Aires upbringing… and on top of all that, he’s a super nice guy.

JAZ’s work can be found indoors as well as out.  His acrylic works on canvas have graced the walls of an increasingly impressive list of galleries worldwide with more and more solo shows coming up each year.  JB and Tom caught up with Franco on a short stop in Berlin for his one man show at BC Gallery to talk about his work, his transition from graffiti to fine art, and what it takes to keep oneself in such high demand.