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At well over 6 feet tall and built like a MACK truck, when he enters the room, he’s hard to miss.  Covered in tattoos and sporting a thick Hastings accent, it’s easy to jump to the assumption that this guy is more likely a cage fighter than an artist.  Within seconds of talking with him however, you realize that Word To Mother is one very chilled out, genuine, down to earth dude with a great outlook on life and his place in the art world.

With a stronghold in the urban contemporary art scene going back almost a decade (to well before there even was an “urban contemporary” art scene) and ongoing relationships with some of the scenes leading galleries such as Stolenspace (LDN), Thinkspace (LA), andWhite Walls (SF), Word To Mother seems to be doing everything right.  When asked what his secret is, the answer he gives is so honest and “bullshit free” that it’s almost surprising to hear it… “right place, right time… and just try to be nice to people.”

Join JB and Tom this week as we hear straight from the man himself about how deep friendships, selling sneakers, smoking weed, and listening to a lot of Nas’s 1994 classic album ‘Illmatic‘ could just be the perfect recipe for fame and glory in the street-art game.