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To step into the studio of TWOONE is to step into the reality that some artists are simply able to shine in multiple mediums and make it look easy.  Painting, sculpture, murals, etchings… there’s very little that this guy doesn’t do and do well.

Born in Japan, and aged like a fine wine in Australia, TWOONE is now making a heavy presence in his new home of Berlin Germany.  Upon arrival (literally in the first week he arrived) he actually painted a 1000+ square meter mural organized by the crew at Urban Nation. These days TWOONE is working hard in his new studio gearing up for two solo shows at both StolenSpace gallery in London andBackwoods gallery in Melbourne.

As busy as he is at the moment, it didn’t stop him from inviting JB and Tom over for a chat about everything that’s going on in his life these days, how he’s taking to his new home and his third major international relocation, and what we can expect from him in the future.