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Any close observer of the work of German artists BASE23 can easily see the connection between the boxy geometric characters that he paints and the 70?s era Japanese toys and robots that he’s been obsessively collecting for decades.  His effortless understanding of shape, form, color, and perspective speak to his background in graphic design.  The clean straight lines and nearly perfect execution of his wall paintings tells you that this guy has been painting for a LONG time (since the late 80?s in fact), and has mastered his craft…

In fact, it would be safe to say that  he’s been cultivating his artistic voice for his entire life and may have inadvertently created the perfect storm to develop a style all of his own.

Although he splits his time between Germany’s two ‘Capitols of Cool’,Berlin and Hamburg,  BASE23 made time in his busy schedule to sit down with VantagePoint on a hot summer night, drink a couple of beers, and talk about it all.