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Here on VantagePoint we like to have fun and few shows were more fun to record than this one.  A bottle of Jameson , a room full of beers, and our very first ever live studio audience surely set the tone for this weeks show.  For episode 017 of VanteagPoint we are very happy to bring to you, from the dirty streets of London straight to your ear drums… Streetart Royalty… Sir BEN EINE!

EINE got an early jump into the graffiti game as a London teen and quickly became obsessed with painting his name on walls, trains and anything else he could get at.  A bit of trouble with the police followed by a bit more may have helped motivate him to discover a new technique and approach that eventually transformed him into one of “Street art’s” most sought after muralists.  His bold and crisp typographical murals can be seen in countless cities around the world making Ben a well traveled artist in very high demand.  During a swing through Berlin to participate in Urban Nation’s ProjectM5 curated by Roland Henry from VNA magazine we grabbed Ben, strapped him into a chair, and hit record.