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Armature‘ is the english word for the skeletal structure upon which a sculpture is constructed.  When all detail and mass have been stripped away, the Armature is all that remains.
Likely as a result of his early training as a sculptor, the work of Chinese born, South Africa based painter Dal East resembles that of a metal or wooden armature.  The animals that he creates however seem unsatisfied or unaware of their fragile structure and often spring free of their rigidity, breaking their form completely and in some cases creating new life from their explosion.  With a steady output of quality work and a busy schedule of studio and travel, Dal keeps himself in high demand through seemingly countless mural projects and exhibitions at galleries such as Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City.
It was a great pleaser to sit down with Dal East during a stop off in Berlin for Project M at Urban Nation for a nice relaxed early morning chat about art, travel, culture, and life.