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With a previous career in New York’s punk rock music scene Jonathan LeVine  gained an early feel for outsider art and the underground.  It would be this same sensibility that would a few years later fuel his fire to open his own art gallery featuring visual art with a punk rock vibe.  A few years and a handful of smart moves later Jonathan Levine Gallery is one of the highest regarded galleries in the urban-contemporary art world.  With two gallery locations in the prestigious Chelsea district of New York City, he represents some of the scenes leading stars bridging the gap between street and urban art and high end gallery work.
In contrast to the normal guest on VantagePoint, Jonathan’s perspective into the art world is from the other side, that of the gallerist and curator.  In an effort to cover all angles of the scene and bring insight to how things work and different peoples opinions, we were honored to be invited to his hotel room for a couple of beers and a chance to pick his brain.  If you’re a budding artists trying to crack the code of the gallery scene, you’ll not want to miss this one.