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Floating somewhere between the straight up graffiti scene and the high end gallery art market Stohead has managed to blow up in the last few years while remaining somewhat anonymous at the same time.  Known primarily for his drip heavy hand-styles and square format text driven paintings, the Berlin based Stohead has quietly taken his place among the Urban Art elite, specifically those commonly labeled as Graffuturists.  His studio practice consists of a heavy mix of invention (he custom builds many of his own art making tools), experimentation, and strict quality control.  With a recipe such as this, it is easy to see how and why his work is constantly progressing and evolving month after month.  Rather than comfortably ride the wave of success as many artist tend to do, repeating the work that got him recognized in the first place, Stohead continues to push himself and branch out into new areas of abstraction sometimes completely abandoning the letters and text that he is so well know for.