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It’s hard to imagine that at such a young age one artist could accomplish as much in the contemporary art and mural scene as Gaia has.  As one of the go to names in the early days of the mural explosion, Gaia cemented himself as a major player from very early on.  His work can be found all over the globe, he has participated in some of the largest and most respected projects the urban art scene has to offer, he curated and oversaw two major street art festivals and has even had a major museum show at the Baltimore Museum of Art and all by the age of 25.
To speak to Gaia can sometimes feel like speaking to a creature from another planet.  His vocabulary and knowledge base is so impressively vast and seemingly limitless that it can be hard to keep up.  It is this higher level of thought and consideration however that sets his artwork apart from the rest of the crowd.  In line with the early traditions of mural making, Gaia fills his wall paintings with historic symbolism and locally significant references, a concept that seems to have lost it’s importance amongst most of todays mural artists.  It was very much because of his thoughtfulness and individual take on art and the concept of what mural making should be that we were excited to sit down with him for a chat, and as expected, few interviews on VantagePoint Radio have dipped into the mind of the artist and shed light on their inner thoughts quite like this one with Gaia.