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The strength of some artists lies in their mastery of a medium, technique, subject matter, or style.  Other artists thrive off of diversity and exploration across many different artistic endeavors.  Brooklyn based SPECTER definitely falls into the latter category.  Wheat-pastes, public ad-busting and takeovers, photography, painting, sculpture, architectural and social intervention, murals… you name it, he’s done it… and done it really well.  If you’ve never heard of SPECTER you may not be alone, but that’s only because he bounces around so much, and is most likely precisely his reason for doing so.  By the time the public catches wind of one project he’s working no, he’s off to the next thing.  An ever-changing creature evolving faster than most of us in the art world are comfortable with.  But those of us who do know about Specter know that he’s the real deal and in many ways, leaves the rest of us to shame.