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It has been said that all artwork is to some degree self biographical.  Whether it’s a landscape painting, a hand crafted piece of furniture, or an avant-garde performance piece, inevitably much of an artist’s life and personality finds its way into their work.  It may not be obvious at first glance but this is perhaps especially the case with the brother duo from Hamburg Germany, The Low Bros.  Much like most young German boys growing up in late 80s and early 90s, Chris and Flo spent most of their time skating and writing graffiti under the names Qbrk and Nerd.  Eventually the decision to combine their efforts was made and The Low Bros were formed.  Never straying too far from their roots, even now over a decade later skateboarding, basketball, hip hop, and a strong 90s vibe and color pallet are the defining elements of their work.  Although animals and architecture seem to be the main subject matter, it’s the strong design and completely original style that sets them apart and has gained them massive respect in the art world across the board.

As the final touches were being added to the last few pieces destined for their much anticipated debut American solo show at Thinkspace Gallery in LA, VantagePoint was invited over to the Low Bros studio for a few beers and a chat about the past, the present, and the very bright future.