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This weeks show see’s the vantagepoint boys travel to London’s to sit down with one half of the artist couple SNIK.. In the world of Street art and Graffiti, Stencil art often can get a bit of a bad rap as the easy way to get an image out there,  yet sitting down with SNIK and hearing the way they approach their work and how many hours, weeks and months in some cases it takes to produce a single image, its clear that stencils are way more than a simple cut out.

Snik’s work combines photorealistic imagery with a more loose graffiti aesthetic which produces strikingly emotive imagery which works both in a large scale street context and in a smaller scale gallery work, a feat which is not often easily accomplished. Also a Big shout out to London Graffiti for letting us use his kitchen, putting us up and for keeping the beer flowing..

Addendum to the original SNIK interview with Mrs SNIK, who was unfortunately absent for the first interview due to a broken foot..