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In Toronto Canada a young train writer has rapidly risen to the top of the mural scene and is taking the world by storm.  Known, not for a crazy letter style or the number of lines he’s hit, but rather for his incredibly stylized realistic portraits not commonly seen painted on trains.  The work of young JARUS is immediately recognizable by the painterly quality of his stroke and the attention to light and shadow on his figures.  Characteristics more often associated with master oil painters rather than a train bomber using a New York Fat cap.  The speed and ease with which he paints his trademark portraits is in sharp contrast to their soft and delicate nature leaving his fans and fellow painters asking… “how does he do it”?
After an exhausting two weeks of hard work in the “2015 Roskilde Graff-Camp” at the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, Denmark (which included a three day trip back to Canada to paint a quick commission job before returning to the festival) JARUS sat down with the boys from VantagePoint for a little Q & A and some much needed relaxation.