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His calm, mature demeanor gives the impression of a laid back “go with the flow” kind of guy, but make no mistake, Fin DAC is a man who does things his own way.  From his instantly recognizable subject matter and trademark “paint spitting” stencil technique which helped rocket him into the public consciousness a few years back to the way he approaches and manages his career, Fin DAC blazes his own path, actively avoiding the typical model laid out by so many artists before him.
Although technically based in London, Fin DAC spends all of his time on the road.  Bouncing from city to city leaving his masked geishas everywhere he goes as if building a global army of beauties for some diabolical secret future plot.  As he moves across the globe expanding his reach and perfecting his technique (transitioning away from using stencils), Fin DAC sticks mainly to independent projects rather than jumping on the bandwagon of mural festivals and open rotating wall projects so common these days.  With such strong imagery and laser focus, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can slow him down.