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Talk to just about anyone in the contemporary art world these days and mention the name Jaybo and the response you get is always the same… upmost respect and recognition of a true artist.  With roots in graffiti, hip hop, commercial art directing, and even street performing, the french born, Berlin based artists has focused his attention for the past decade mostly on painting and sculpture and in doing so has cemented his place in the global contemporary art market.   His paintings are expressive and emotional, abstract and figurative, loose and tight, bold and subtle… basically everything you could ever want all combined seamlessly and effortlessly into every piece.  His sculptures are simple but extremely smart and even comical at times but somehow still relate perfectly back to his paintings which is surely no easy task.  The only thing better than seeing Jaybo work in person is watching him paint live, and the only thing better than that is to sit down for an hour and listen to him explain it all, which is exactly what we did recently in his studio on a cold winter day in the Berlin.