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Since the very birth of graffiti, artists have been in a constant battle to push and evolve themselves toward the freshest and most original styles.  In many ways, it’s the entire point.  In the early 2000’s a handful of artists took an interesting an unexpected turn towards abstraction and minimalism sometimes leaving the idea of letter forms behind all together.  After years of train writing and traditional graffiti Remi Rough found himself at the tip of this abstraction sword and nearly a decade later continues to push and refine the style today.
As one of the leaders of the so called “Graffuturism” movement Rough has found himself in high demand over the years on both walls and in galleries.  Together with Augustine Kofie, Jaybo Monk (VantagePoint guest episode 057) and a handful of others, Rough formed the artist collective Agents of Change which has produced some of the most interesting projects we have seen including the now famous Ghost Village Project.
JB and Tom couldn’t resist the opportunity so they popped up to London for the weekend to visit this legend in his south London studio for a chat and an update on all things ROUGH!