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D*face is in a league of his own when it comes to this urban contemporary post graffiti world..  Especially in hometown of London, there isnt many artists more known for their volume and quality of their work. Its hard to imagine how he finds time to conceive, let alone produce the work he outputs..  From giant inflatable zombie hello Kitty, crushed police cars, prints, paintings and of course  massive murals.. this is only part of the machine that is D*face..

For over 10 years he has also run the massively influential Stolenspace Gallery on Bricklane in Shoreditch, and more recently  just opened his latest project Rebels Alliance, a Motorcycle repair shop / Coffee shop / Clothing store ..  D*Face has so many fingers in so many pies its hard to imagine he even sleeps.  We caught up with D*face when we were in London last and are so stoked to have sat down with one of the biggest names in the game.