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For over two decades Faith47 has been traveling the globe painting walls and working with social commentary in public spaces.  Far before the current trend of mural festivals popping off in every city, it was artists like her who were drawing the attention of the masses with their provocative work and paving the way for the hoards of artists doing the same today.  Coming from South Africa, a place not commonly thought of on an international scale as having a blistering urban contemporary art scene, Faith holds a profoundly original perspective and marries it with a global understanding of the human condition attainted through years of travel and observation.  This combination gives her one of the most original and exciting voices in the scene today.  Through her street pieces, both sanctioned and not, and diverse gallery work which includes painting, illustration, collage, installation and an increasing amount of digital media, Faith47 shows no signs of slowing and continues to captivate her audience in new ways year after year.