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Of all the mural festivals on this circuit, few focus on the topics further than the wall and the paint..  this months guest however is using the medium of Mural to raise awareness about the plight of our oceans and sealife..  Tre Packard from Pangeaseed foundation has been fighting the good fight and using  some of the biggest names in the game to help him along the way.  In March we hopped over to Napier in New Zealand to cover the Seawalls project, one of Pangeaseed’s many projects, to see how painting on walls and ocean conservation fit together..  With names like Cryptik, Onur and Vantagepoints own James Bullough on the roster, the quality of the work was super high with over 20 artists participating.  We grabbed a bunch of interviews which we will bring you over the coming months, but we thought we would start off with the man himself, Tre Packard to set the scene and get a bit of insight into this project, its motivation and how painting walls and savings oceans found common  ground. Photos Tre’ Packard / PangeaSeed Foundation 2016.