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The name says it all… Cryptik!  Not one for the spotlight, Cryptik doesn’t give many interviews so it was an honor to be able to sit down with him and dig deep inside his mind for this VantagePoint exclusive.
Known for his insanely clean and mesmerizing script and calligraphy, Cryptik credits his childhood in Los Angeles for exposing him to the latin style script graffiti which was so prevalent throughout LA and southern California during the early days of the graffiti boom and beyond.  In an ever growing scene of calligraphy (or Caligrafitti) artists in both the mural and fine art worlds today, Cryptik has set himself apart with a style all to his own.  With influences from all types of cultures and languages, the elegance of his letters and overall style can be so overwhelming and intoxicating that it often masks the deeper spiritual nature and message of his work.
VantagePoint would like to send a BIG thank you out to Pangeaseed and the Sea Walls project for bringing us all together and giving us the opportunity to finally get Cryptik in the hot seat for a little VP one on one.