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Onur Dinc, better known simply as ONUR is a bit of a puzzle. Whether with his art or with the man himself, at first glance you think you know what you’ve got, but upon further inspection you realize there’s actually so much more to the story.  Raised in Sweden, he now lives in Germany, but is actually Turkish.  Physically he is a giant, towering over the rest of us with a strong intimidating presence but on the inside he’s gentile, goofy, and exceptionally eager to help others and give advice. 
Onurs’s artwork is no different with ever growing levels of complexity.  His realist paintings and murals, are painted mostly with paint rollers rather than brushes or spray cans, and straddle the line between the real and the surreal.  His work often has double meanings and even double images, which he achieves by laying multiple images over each other with experimental materials such as solvents or UV light sensitive paint.  Known both for his solo work and his collaborative efforts with long time partner WES21, Onur is hitting on all cylinders at the moment and is one of the rising stars of the Urban Contemporary scene.