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In the last few years the Mural circuit has popped up all over the world, with cities large and small inviting some of the worlds leading artists to come and paint their cities. Heerlen Murals, in the city of Heerlen in The Netherlands is one such city. A post industrial city trying to find its way after the local mining industry closed down,  Heerlen Murals feels less an attempt at gentrification, but more a way to reinvigorate a city centre which otherwise is a bulk standard non descript Dutch city. Heerlen was once known for Gambling, Prostitution and also a pretty serious Heroin problem, but visiting Heerlen now you can sense its a city which has managed to turn itself around and is trying to find its feet. Vantagepointradio.com was invited down to cover the festival and report back.. Over 2 days they held panel discussions with guests ranging from Ben Eine, Good Guy Boris, Pascal Feucher from Urban Spree and Camillo Tarozzi, who recently became somewhat of a controversial figure after restoring and preserving a BLU mural against BLU’s wishes, leading to BLU painting over all his works in Bologna. The panels covered topics of the value of street art, its preservation and also who actually owns art thats meant to be free. This is less a standard episode, more a Vantagepoint Special..

Day 1
Camillo Tarozzi, Stijn Huijts, Barry Braeken, Pascal Feucher  and Nicole Blommers

Day 2
Peter Bengtsen, Maurice Hermans, Ben EINE and Good Guy Boris..

Moderator Theo Ploeg