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An artist’s journey is often full of surprises and unexpected turns.  One opportunity can lead to another and to another and next thing you know, you’ve got a solo show in a gallery half way across the world.  Such is the story of Paola Delfin.  In her home town of Mexico City, Paola has been painting for many many years, but an opportunity a few years ago to paint a big wall in a very short amount of time after never doing such a thing before created an interesting dilemma for the artist… “how can I fill so much space in so little time?”

Her answer to this question would turn out to be a stylistic discovery of how to paint the female figure in a way that was completely her own.  Women consumed by their own exaggerated flowing hair, wrapped up in it like a blanket, and hidden behind it like a mask.  This imagery paired with a lot of hard work and some world travel have gained Paola a lot of attention including that of Berlin’s Open Walls gallery where she will have her first European solo show this month (Sept 2014).  Although her work has evolved away from the stylistic luscious hair that we knew her for last year, her current collection explores the female form in new and very interesting ways while still maintaining the feel and aesthetic that first brought her to our attention.  Look for big things from Ms. Delfin in the coming months and years.