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Growing up in Iran in the 90s and early 00’s presented challenges for a young man that most of us around the world could not even imagine.  Icy and Sot, two brothers separated in age by 6 years compounded these challenges when they took up street art as teenagers and then later more seriously and professionally as young adults.  In a place where voicing your opinion and going against the grain was not only frowned upon but was downright dangerous, the young brothers flew their flag, hitting the streets with stencils and making their ideas known, all the while developing their voice and their own personal style.  Over time however, the pair reached their breaking point and made the tough decision to leave their friends and family in Iran behind and claim political asylum in the United States.
For the past few years Icy and Sot have lived as political refugees in Brooklyn but in a very short time have seemingly had no trouble making their mark on the over saturated New York art scene.  Through their stark highly political and highly political stencils, sometimes reaching multiple stories high, the brothers came out strong and demanded that the scene take notice.  These days their work is recognizable in the streets and galleries of major cities throughout Europe and the US.  With invitations to major festivals around the world steadily coming in and a newly gained freedom to travel unrestricted to most countries, big things are on the horizon for these two and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.